Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Singalong Tuesday 15

A while ago, I found myself hauling Grandma’s old scale out from beneath the bathroom sink fairly often – like once a week. And the news gets worse: one day, I took my glasses off and set them on the counter first – and it wasn’t so I could read the numbers.

What, I wondered, is going on?

My unwanted pounds were gone, off doing their part for global warming. My clothes fit. I’m in Calorie Neutral mode.

I have a glass of wine most nights and eat what I want, which is mostly lean protein and lots of vegetables and fruit with the occasional yummy gluten-free muffin or a couple of slices of toast. I even devoured a marvelous big piece of carrot cake last week.

“Are you still losing weight?” the Saint asked.

“Not according to the scale.”

“Well you just bought these pants, didn’t you?” He grabbed a handful of fabric hanging off my butt. “They’re too big already.”

Maybe they stretched, I thought.

Then a friend I see every two weeks or so asked, “Have you lost more weight?”

“Not according to the scale,” I said.

“You’re definitely thinner,” she said, indicating the space where my jowls and extra chin used to be.

Possibly my resistance workouts are responsible. I’ve changed my exercise routine and increased the weights so I’m building more muscle. That does three things.
1.   Muscle is heavier than fat so I can be getting leaner and the poundage can stay the same
2.   More muscle burns more energy
3.   Changing the exercises regularly (every couple of months or so) keeps the body from getting so good at one particular movement that it needs less energy to perform it. Challenging the muscles means they have to use more energy (that is, calories) to perform the new tasks. 

However, I was curious, so I started keeping a food-and-activity journal again, just to see what's up. Do I need to weigh myself or not? Do I have a clear view of my diet or am I seeing it through a very cloudy lens? Should I fret or can I relax?

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