Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Singalong Tuesday 11

I'm curious: How are you doing? Have you found your food-fun balance point or have you teetered too far to one side or the other?

Confession time – I've been enjoying treats. Quite a lot of them. I bought the Saint chocolate-covered almonds for Easter and he returned the favour with bridge mix. And there have been cookies…

I've also been having a great time on my bicycle – riding around my hometown both for meetings and for pleasure, and I went to Washington State to gawk at tulip fields a couple of weeks ago. I've also been walking when the weather's nice – which around here means it's not pouring rain.
I walk to my library, to the gym, the grocery store, and when I have a reason to go, I march downtown and back – about an hour each way.

This morning I was thinking how lucky I am that I can afford the time to do that. And then I realized that I have to afford the time.

If I don't, my bones and muscles will get weaker, as will my heart and lungs. I definitely can't afford that. For me, it's a trade I'm glad to make – more walking, less TV. More riding, less housework.

Having said that, I have stuff to do, like everyone else. So I often have a destination – walk to the bank, ride to the farm market…that sort of thing. I've got a few loops: the library, gym and grocery store are close together so I can cover them in one afternoon; the bank and wine store are on the route to or from the egg stand.

Anybody have other strategies for managing the time/life crunch?


  1. I have been away for a family visit and it was SO hard to keep from eating the food that was thrust upon me! Why is it that nurturing is so often attached to food when one visits a family member? I ate much more food than I would have if I had been here, and didn't get much exercise because of my ancient relative not going anywhere, and my knee still hurting so can't walk as I usually would have done....

    Also came home to some emotional over-eating but am getting a handle on it. I'll figure out how to get back to all those ways of walking/cycling to library, grocery store, downtown when I can safely walk on my recovering knee again! It is very hard for me to be patient, as I was such an active person and now I've been so off my routine for 2 months...

  2. Fodder's been fretting about food lately because he's going to visit a friend for a couple of weeks later this spring and he's so conscious of sticking to an eating plan that lets him feel great and do all the things he loves, and yet not wanting to offend someone who's bound to express caring by producing wonderful meals.

    So he sucked up his courage and told his friend how he felt.
    Her response was, "Well, we'll go grocery shopping as soon as you get here, then!"

    So beautifully supportive!

    Madeline, you're so good about acknowledging when you slip into the emotional eating track – that alone takes you closer to managing it, rather than letting it manage you!

    Now if only we could bottle patience…

  3. I'm afraid I've been doing far too much teetering, Rachel. I need to get back into some sort of balanced lifestyle. While I haven't gained weight, I've gained flab and lost muscle and vitality. The last six weeks or so it seems like I've been doing nothing but working, but last Friday, I met my book deadline (yay!). Now it's time to make some smarter choices and hopefully even develop some good habits that carry me through the next deadline in a healthier manner.