Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Singalong Tuesday 8

Vicki Waters's Program has a graduated series of dietary changes. As you know if you've been reading Calorie Neutral since the beginning, we started by going back to basics – three meals a day, no snacks, no processed foods, no starches.

Every week, Vicki adds something else back into the plan so we have a balanced, varied, healthy diet with loads of nutrients but no extra calories that'll just sit around on our butts.

So bit by bit I've added steel-cut oatmeal for breakfast a few times a week, peanut-only peanut butter on a Granny Smith or celery (Fodder likes rye crisp and they're another Yes! on Vicki's list), quinoa (the Saint suggests having this as often as three times a year, but our friend J loves it several times a week)…. You get the picture.

Variety within and between all the food groups – but no loitering with the stuff I know is bad for me. Fresh unprocessed foods, only whole grains, fruit every morning and vegetables at every meal and snack…and it's remarkably easy to resist the siren song of a bag of Salt 'n Vinegar.

How are y'all doing out there? How's your energy?

Remember Einstein: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.
Also remember Vicki: your body needs fuel. Feed it good stuff!

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