Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Singalong Tuesday 10

Hello! Happy Spring to all of us!

It feels so good to have more hours of daylight, and more sunshine (which is sadly lacking through most Wet Coast winters), and the flowers – oh, the colours and scents of spring!

I went on a bike ride around some Skagit Valley tulip fields in Washington State the weekend before last – the vivid hues, fresh air, and blizzard of migrating snow geese were a tonic for my spirit.

What have you done that gave you a boost lately?


  1. Butchart Gardens. The scent of hyacinth is enough to make one light-headed. Plus, a cup of coffee has unlimited refills. Great for those who like to write in a coffee shop.

  2. Oh, Alice, what a great idea!

    I hope the coffee and hyacinths pleased the Muse, too!