Saturday, March 5, 2011

Them's the breaks – nutrition breaks, I mean

I headed into the fourth week of the program a little stressed. I was going to a conference in a neighbouring state and the border crossing meant I’d have to leave my peeler and paring knife behind. Knowing that “nutrition breaks” at workshops and conferences were simply euphemisms for morning muffins and afternoon cookies, I had to do something.

No, that’s not quite right.

I wanted to do something.

Hm – could it be that the behaviour-modification thing was taking hold?

At any rate, customs officers in agricultural Washington State would look askance at – and possibly confiscate – a bagful of broccoli and a tub of plain yogurt. Canned or bottled juice and dried fruit, while easy to transport, were a no-go on the program. I sent a plaintive email to Vicki.

“What do I do?”

“Thing is,” she explained, “we are trying to get away from quick fixes and real food is always better for you.”

Yabbut…hotels aren’t known for providing their guests with easy access to unprocessed produce.
Vicki helped me figure out how to make it through the weekend. In a pinch, she conceded, low-sodium vegetable juice is okay, so I found small cans that fit in my purse. The border guard didn’t care about the bag of almonds I’d stashed in my backpack, so I munched a dozen of those while I sipped V8 during coffee breaks.

I caved on the cheesecake at one dinner, and my roommates and I shared half a bottle of red wine to toast our successful appointments with agents, but otherwise I just chugged along with my program. I even managed one workout in the hotel gym.

And on weighing-in day I was down a couple more pounds, creeping toward 150 – one cup of yogurt and a set of ab crunches at a time.


  1. After seeing you a few weeks ago, I can truly say that this plan is working wonderfully for you. Since you've motivated me somewhat, I started my own regime and manged to drop off nearly 10 lbs, and so far, over the recent holidays - I've kept it off!! I'm reading your blogs faithfully and always click off with a smile. You are an inspiration!!
    xo Mimi

  2. Thank you for the wonderful compliments, Mimi!

    And right back at you! Congratulations on dropping those pounds and keeping them off!

    You've made my day.

  3. On Thursday I got the call for an appt. for a knee scope that I've been waiting for for 8 months. Guess it was a cancellation, as they just said "come tomorrow." Couldn't eat past midnight, and was too nauseous from the anesthetic to eat anything that day. I had to smile when I saw the up-side to the pain - not bringing in many calories for a day or two!

    I've decided to make my goal longer-term, as I need to be careful about not having too high an expectation on my self. I want to reach 148 lbs by my 65th birthday, in early August. That will mean a total losing of 15 lbs. And when I reach my goal I want the reward of buying a couple of pieces of good quality, hip clothing that I've been putting off "till I lost that weight." Feels good to have the goal more explicit now.

  4. I hope you're feeling better, Madeline! And that you can eat again to give your body the nutrients it needs to cope with that invasion. Even small procedures take a toll and it sounds like you paid a big toll – nausea is my least favourite thing.

    And yay for you for getting really specific with your goal! I imagine it'll be easier to stay motivated with that picture firmly fixed in your mind. Please let us know if it's working out that way!