Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Singalong Tuesday 6

Hi there! How are you feeling?

For several days in a row, I found myself wanting to eat before bed. This was new (well, it's old behaviour, but new again since I started the program), so I took a look at my food and activity journal and eureka! The answer was right there.

I’ve been exercising often and I’d increased the intensity of each workout, so I was burning through my reserves and leaving nothing in the tank. Basically, I needed more food to fuel my regular life plus the enhanced exercise routine.

As soon as I added a bit more – an extra small apple or handful of veggies, maybe half a dozen more almonds or some cheese – to each meal and snack, I lost the urge for that evening extra.

Have you adjusted your eating and activity this week – either on purpose or because life just sat up and demanded it?


  1. Now that I am doing a bit more exercise (as my knee heals) I'm finding I'm more hungry - so have started adding a snack that I thought I'd have to give up forever. My favourite comfort food is pop corn, but I could never keep the portion small or to leave off the butter. But now I've been able to have a very small bowl (maybe 2 cups tops) and I water down Dijon mustard and drizzle that over it and it's delish! And what's amazing is that I have no urge for more, which is totally new.

    I've dropped a total of 8 lbs now and am halfway to my goal! Yay. Feelin' great.
    Thanks again Rachel! :-)

  2. Oh my gosh, losing weight, eating popcorn and getting more exercise! And even better, the healing knee!
    How great is that?

    Congratulations, Madeline.

    And thanks for the tip on mustard for the popcorn – that's a new one for me, and it sounds very savoury.