Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Singalong Tuesday 4

Hello – it's good to see you!
How are things in your world?
Did you meet your goals this week?

A couple of people (including the Saint) have asked recently if I’m still losing weight. I look thinner, they said.
I weighed myself a couple of times just to make sure but nope, Grandma’s old scale sings the same tune. However, my pants are looser (again!) and I’m on a new hole in the old belt.
Because I’ve been increasing the weights during my resistance workout (12-pound dumbbells for the bicep curls! Yay me!) I think what’s happening is that I’ve lost some fat and gained enough muscle to keep the kilograms even.

I bring this up because it’s something to keep in mind if your weight isn’t budging as much as you’d like.

So tell us what’s new. Are you still dancing? Walking?
Aside from any poundage changes, do you feel different?


  1. The weight isn’t budging as much as I’d like” is right! But it’s still budging a little. Being unable to exercise due to lower back pain sure makes a big difference. I’ve felt crippled for over a month after actively doing boot camp twice a week and walking the other days. I figured my back pain may be due, in part, to the excess weight; so I embarked on this weight loss regime in hope that it would relieve the pain. I’ve lost almost 10 pounds, and although I’m stuck there and the back pain is no better, I know I’m eating better and that once I’m back on track with an exercise regime, the weight will once again begin to move downward. So I think… But that plateau is sure tough…

    I could not resist an end of the season soccer game of parents vs. kids and ran like crazy in spite of the pain this weekend. And I lost 1 pound when I weighed myself the next day! And my leg muscles and butt and even my back muscles were sore. How I missed that kind of pain. My lower back was slightly worse, but well worth it. Parents lost 5 to 4, but I got two great shots at goal!

    Reading your bit on your trip to France makes me laugh, but also reminds me of the ups and downs of weight loss and of the importance of staying true to your goals in spite of what life throws your way – a trip here, a promotion there, or extra work at the office….

    Thanks for keeping us abreast of your journey down the scale and across the sea.


  2. Dear MM – I'm glad you had such a good time in the soccer game!
    It's important to show kids who's in charge. Unfortunately, it's usually them : )

    Do you feel good that you showed your family that you walk the talk of good health and an active life? I'm impressed.

    As you say, plateaux are the very devil. Except that it sounds like you're not really on the level – your weight is actually dropping, right?
    Ten pounds in, what, a month? That's significant!

    Drs Pear and Martin said in their book (which I used for Feb 17's post on behaviour modification) that at least five positive comments to one less-than-positive is about the right ratio to help people see that they are in fact making good progress.

    I'm making a note to myself: more positive comments and less criticism (even if it's for my own good :))

    Thanks for that reminder!

    Good luck with your goals this week – and congratulations on those close calls in the soccer match!