Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Singalong Tuesday 3

Hello! How has your week been?

I count every week a success if I learn something, and this week I found this gem in Eric Maisel’s The Art of the Book Proposal: thinking takes energy. There’s a reason we’re physically tired at the end of a day of creativity, whether we’ve been managing a team of disparate colleagues, writing a novel, or coming up with new ways to keep a couple of toddlers productively busy.

“It may startle you to learn,” Maisel writes, “that a chess grandmaster expends as many calories during the course of a hard-fought tournament chess game as does a runner in a marathon.”

As a matter of routine I don’t think at grandmaster level (nor do I run marathons) so I can’t fool myself that I needed that slice of carrot cake I downed at teatime last week. I wanted it though, and it was delicious and I am not going to beat myself up about it.

I’m also not going to eat it every day. It was a treat, which is a concept some of us (that would be me) lost sight of. When I eat that stuff every day, it stops being a pleasure, a luxury, and instead becomes something I take for granted.

To be honest, I don’t appreciate, savour, enjoy anything when I have it all the time. The first cup of tea is the best of the day – all the others are habit. A piece of cake is wonderful once a week; when I get the sugar hit daily (oh, who am I kidding – multiple times a day) it has less power, gives me less pleasure.

Did you have a treat this week? Did it please you?

Maybe your treat wasn’t even food? How revolutionary!

Tell us about it.

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