Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fodder's not a fluke

A 10-year study of 3,000 Americans between the ages of 70 and 79 has found that those who ate a healthier diet – less fried food, more poultry and fish than other meat, more plants and lower-fat dairy – lived longer and they enjoyed better health for longer.

One of Fodder’s many revelations on this Calorie Neutral journey is that he’s not a high-level carnivore. He used to eat a lot of red meat because first my grandmother and then my mom served it, but left to his own devices he actually prefers lentils, chili with more beans than beef, and hummus.

Which is not to say he’s giving up his nice little filet steaks any time soon – he does enjoy them. And a burger with fried onions, and even Julia Child’s beef bourgignonne a couple of times a year.

The fact is, though, that as he adds more plant-based foods to his menus, he’s discovering how much he loves them, which means he eats them more often.

And as he confessed earlier, he’s got so much energy he’s had to give up resting after lunch. His doctor said his cholesterol level’s looking good. And best of all, he’s having more fun!

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