Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jumping ahead

Several people have suggested that I show an "after" picture on this blog, to balance the "before" photo in the "Me and My Plan" box on the right.

I resisted for a while, because it feels weird to write about events as if they are still unfolding and yet skip ahead in the photo department. However, maybe it will help people who aren't sure that tackling such a challenge will really make a difference.

Trust me: it can.

The Saint took this photo at the end of January, on an outing to Point No Point on the west coast of Vancouver Island after I had reached my goal of comfortably fitting into size 8 jeans. He claims he took it because the red Levis tab provides visual balance with the red bridge railings. I prefer to think that he just liked the look of the Levis.

My version of the "after" picture:


  1. Okay, if these are size 8 jeans then you need to go down a size!

    Hey, here's a link to a blog that I thought you might enjoy. It has nothing to do with losing weight, but it was very good

  2. LOL, Becky!
    I do, however, like a little wiggle room in my jeans :)

    And thank you for the link to Joe Blog. That is a truly delightful story about the difference one person can make to another – even a complete stranger.

  3. With a tush like that, who needs wiggle room? Just go with the wiggle!