Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fodders and Dotters

Walking is one of Fodder’s and my favourite activities, which makes it ideal for this program we signed on with because in order to persevere with at least 30 minutes of cardio at least six days a week, you either have to enjoy the exercise – or have a much steelier discipline than I do.
During the first seven days of the program, when my diet changed from Lots o’ Starch ‘n Tea to Adequate Protein with Heaps of Fruit and Veg we were also suddenly drinking eight glasses of water a day. As well, more ounces were hidden in our daily five, seven or ten servings of fresh apples, carrots and celery.
On the plus side, all that water kept me feeling satisfied even on a mere three meals a day. The downside was that I now had to plan my walking routes to ensure that no matter where I was, I could reach a public toilet within minutes.
To help me cope with all the changes, I established a mantra.
“It’s only for a week,” I chanted to myself as I checked the clock, only to see I had to wait another hour for my next meal.
“It’s only for a week,” Fodder and I assured each other – just before we dashed off to our separate loos.
If we were out together, somewhere with a single washroom, well, there was instant conflict between between chivalry (“Ladies first”), filial respect (“No, no, you go ahead, Fodder”), and desperation. It wasn’t pretty.
All together now: “It’s only for a week.”


  1. Every morning I fill a two-litre glass jug with water, and most days I consume all or most of it. Using clear glass is best because I can tell at glance how much I have to drink.

    I also have a stainless steel water bottle for outings, but more often than not I forget to take it with me. I'm going to put a sign on my door that says: Going walking? Where's your water?

  2. Love the idea of the jug, Lee. I keep a stainless-steel bottle on my desk and work my way through it a couple of times a day. Your jug sounds a little classier.