Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Divining Vitamin A

Heavenly carrot salad

2 decent-sized carrots, peeled and grated
1.5 tsp Provencal herb-infused olive oil (Fodder uses basil-infused oil and says it's wonderful, too)
about six chopped pecans or walnuts
about ¼ cup grated bleu cheese (Fodder swears by crumbled feta)

In a bowl, drizzle the oil over the grated carrot and toss to mix (this much can be done a day ahead). Add the nuts and bleu cheese and toss again. Serves two.

I have tried this with cooked grated beets instead of carrots and didn't like it as much – the beets are very sweet and I think they overwhelm the other flavours. However, I did take it to a potluck lunch and it disappeared, so if you love beets it might be worth trying.


  1. Delicious! The trick with the beets, I think, is to add a splash of balsamic or white wine vinegar to cut the sweetness.

  2. I love beets, so I'll definitely give the vinegar a whirl next time.